Random Fantasy Racing is a fantasy NASCAR racing game where you don’t make your own picks.

How does it work?

Each week you play Random Fantasy Racing, you’re randomly assigned a car number that corresponds to a car racing in the next NASCAR Cup Series race. After the race, you win the number of points that car scored in the real race. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the season wins.

So I just click the button and that’s it?

Yes. There is no action required once you’ve clicked the giant blue button that makes your picks. When the race is over, you will be awarded points.


Because it’s fun.

How often do I need to make a pick?

You get one pick each race during the NASCAR season (February through November). You will need to place a new pick each race.

Do I need to know about NASCAR in order to play?

No. Anyone with a Twitter account can play, even if you don’t like NASCAR.

You gave me a driver that sucks! How do I get a new one?

Sorry, but you’re stuck with the driver you picked. Better luck next week!

The driver I picked DNQd for the race! Can I pick again?

Although efforts are made to avoid including cars that might not make or attempt the race, sometimes an exceptionally crappy car makes the list of available cars that are selected and fails to make the field. If you pick a car that did not qualify for the race, sorry, but you’re stuck with it and you get zero points. Try picking a better car next time.

Do I have to sign up for something?

Nope. There’s no registration required. In fact, there’s no signing up whatsoever if you have a Twitter account. You just press the “Tweet My Pick” button on a race week and you’re entered.

How much does it cost to play Random Fantasy Racing?

It is free to play.

How can I sponsor a race?

Races that do not have a sponsor listed on the schedule page are available for your sponsorship. The sponsorship program is strictly a barter program — no cash is exchanged. If you have something cool or interesting to offer in exchange for race sponsorship on this fine website, I want to hear about it.

Is there a prize?

The player with the most points at the end of the season wins a prize.

The prize for 2020 will be announced soon.

Are there playoffs, like in real NASCAR?

No. You collect points all season long, and whoever has the most points at the end of the year wins.

Are there race stages, like in real NASCAR?

You receive your driver’s total number of points scored in the race, including stage points they’ve earned.

Are there no playoffs or special rules for stages because you’re too lazy to program it?

Yes, that’s why.

What happens if the driver of the car I picked is ineligible for points?

If the driver of your pick has declared points another series — such as the Xfinity Series or the Camping World Truck Series — they will not receive driver points from NASCAR. Fortunately for you, in Random Fantasy Racing, you will earn the number of points that would have been given to the driver had they been eligible for points in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Is there any way to pick a better car?

No. The spirit of the game is that it’s truly random. Sometimes you’ll get Kyle Busch, and sometimes you’ll get a Premium Motorsports car.

Do I need Twitter to play?

Yes. You need to have a Twitter account to play. Fortunately, you can create one of those for free on Twitter.com.

Do I need to tweet my pick to all my followers in order to play?

Yes. You can delete the tweet if you want, but it’s a requirement to tweet your pick in order for your pick to be logged. Plus, the public spectacle of seeing your pick sent out to all your friends is fun and leads to trash-talking, which everyone likes.

Does the Random Fantasy Racing Twitter app do things that I wouldn’t like?

No. When you approve the app to make your pick, the only thing that happens is your pick is tweeted and logged in our system. It doesn’t make your account tweet more things, it doesn’t change your bio, it doesn’t make you follow anyone. It just tweets exactly one time whenever you press the giant blue button on randomfantasyracing.com to make a pick.

Does Random Fantasy Racing collect my email address and give it to weirdos?

No. Nobody is ever exposed to your email address and it is not collected.

Does Random Fantasy Racing have divisions for the NASCAR Xfinity and Camping World Truck Series?

No. Random Fantasy Racing only follows the NASCAR Cup Series.

How can I support Random Fantasy Racing?

Support Level 1:
Tell your friends about Random Fantasy Racing.
Support Level 2:
Follow @steveluvender and tweet nice things.
Support Level 3:
Sponsor a race.
Support Level 4:
Purchase Random Fantasy Racing for $69,000 cash.

I used to be able to buy a Random Fantasy Racing sticker to support the game. Why can’t I do that anymore?

Unfortunately, our sticker vendor discontinued their program to buy stickers, and now no one can buy a sticker. What a disaster.

Can I really purchase Random Fantasy Racing for $69,000 cash?

Yes. You can acquire the entire game for a non-negotiable $69,000.

How can I be sure my pick went through?

Check This Week’s Picks and see if your Twitter username appears. If your username appears, your pick was recorded and you can go on with your day and tell everyone about your great picking skills. If your username does not appear on the list, your pick was not recorded and thus cannot be scored.

When is the latest I can make a pick for each race?

You can place a pick as long as the big blue button allows you to place it. In the past, picks would close at a certain point during each race. With today’s innovations in technology, that is no longer the case. Thanks, Steve Jobs!

What if I forget to make a pick?

If you forget to make a pick, but you really wanted to make a pick, that’s a shame. There are many ways to remind yourself of an upcoming race.

Can I remove a pick?

No. Like diamonds, a Random Fantasy Racing pick is forever.

What happens if I change my Twitter handle?

All picks and data are based off your Twitter handle. If you change your Twitter handle, there will be data for both your old handle and your new one. Inconvenience me by tweeting me if you changed your Twitter username so you can keep all your precious points from previous races.

Why aren’t NASCAR driver names listed alongside picks?

You are given a car number each week, rather than a driver name. That’s because some teams take a committee approach to their driver staff and it’s difficult to keep up with week-to-week changes. Plus, I heard some people get into trouble for using the “E” word.

My, the typefaces! What are the typefaces?

Headings use the lovely Domaine Display Narrow Semibold Italic from Klim Type Foundry. Tabular and body text uses the versatile and free IBM Plex Mono Regular from IBM.

I played Random Fantasy Racing in 2015 and 2016. Why do some stats look a little different from how I remember?

The 2015 and 2016 Random Fantasy Racing seasons were calculated manually using Google Sheets. Then, the data was imported to the RandomFantasyRacing.com you see today and matched against the real-world results and points values — it turns out that there were a few scoring errors made when points were calculated by hand. The 2015 spreadsheet and the 2016 spreadsheet will remain online and available for reference, but the 2015 and 2016 stats displayed on RandomFantasyRacing.com are official.

Is Random Fantasy Racing affiliated with NASCAR or any team?

No. Random Fantasy Racing is an independent fan project.

I have an idea that would make Random Fantasy Racing better!

That’s impossible because Random Fantasy Racing is already perfect. But if you really have an idea to make it better, you can heave tweets toward @steveluvender.

Something is broken!

Sometimes things break. If something seems broken, please yell at @steveluvender and I will do my best to not make the situation even worse.

Who made this?

Random Fantasy Racing is a Steve Luvender disaster.

This is dumb.